I birthed my four now adult daughters at home, and have been midwife to my eldest as she birthed my four granddaughters at home. This attests to my trust in birth and to my trust that our bodies are well-designed to give birth.

Professional Certifications:
  • Licensed Midwife (LM)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) – Recognized by the World Health Organization
  • Master’s in Psychology (MA)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT)
I have been involved with birth for 36 years, providing primary care midwifery services since 1982. After having practiced as a lay midwife for 13 years, I decided to go to nursing school on the path to becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). After completing nursing school, I fulfilled the California Certification Challenge Process through the Seattle Midwifery School. This required prolific documentation of prenatal exams, labors monitored, births attended, postpartum care/newborn & family planning exams- all within the previous 10 years. This was the route I chose to legalize my midwifery practice and received my California License.

My experience in nursing & midwifery includes labor and delivery, some operating room assistance, performing assessments and well-woman gynecological exams in clinic, geriatric care, homecare of quadriplegics and some home registry nursing care as well as end of life care. I have attended home, hospital, and birth center births and provide postpartum home visits for women birthing in all three sites.

I love my work, deeply and passionately.

The psychological, emotional and social aspects of pregnancy and childbirth have always intrigued me. Pregnancy is such a powerful time for inner growth and change. I attained a Masters of Arts in Psychology, a hypnotherapy certification and advanced training in Psyche-K. I continue to pursue study of Marshall Rosenberg’s work in Non-Violent Communication. Effective communication skills are invaluable in partner relationships. When needed, I am able to help my clients with these.

I am a passionate gardener and, together with my intimate partner, we have created a beautiful healing space at Mamalanda, with permaculture gardens and water features. Client potlucks are held here, as well as classes and workshops.

Birth is sacred. Birth has mystery and grace, and, when left to progress naturally, birth offers profound transformational possibilities. “Peace on earth begins with birth” is a popular midwives’ bumper sticker. This is so true. Babies have consciousness within the womb. Babies who come in having experienced traumatic technological beginnings often display autistic characteristics. Babies who come in without any outside interventions, without medication or technical interference, are able to find their way to the breast and latch on within the first hour.

Women who trust in birth, who trust in their bodies, experience a smoother process and are empowered in so doing. Women who are deeply connected with the natural world are likely to embody such trust. We encourage you to run naked in the woods (where safely possible), to hug a tree, to garden. We encourage you to walk and swim and keep a balance between mental and physical activity. The air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel – all these contribute to the well-being of you and your baby.

Our role, as your midwives throughout this journey, is to safeguard normal birth, to be reference librarians, and to facilitate your deepening self-awareness. We do not “deliver” your baby for you. You do. Having birthed four babies myself, I am not about to steal anyone else’s thunder. We are part of a team with you and your partner. We build a bond of trust during the course of the pregnancy through continuous care and effective heartfelt communication.

We feel that it is a blessing and an honor to share the journey of pregnancy and birth. Each one is a miracle.

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